Hearthstone just got three new battlegrounds heroes, with more events on the way


Stuff through September 29

I’ve been playing a lot ofHearthstone lately thanks to the release of the battlegrounds game mode. It’s such an easy way to jump into the Hearthstonesystem without having to strictly worry about the meta, or buying into new pricey decks. You just suit up, select a hero, and roll.

So whenever Blizzard has updates planned for battlegrounds, I perk up. That includes the three new heroes that just popped up in the mode, based off of the new Scholomance expansion. Lord Barov is a gambler, who allows you to guess the winner of the next combat for a net gain of two coins. Jandice Barov lets you swap a friendly non-golden minion with a random one in the tavern: which is similarly risky. Forest Warden Omu gives you two gold after upgrading Bob’s tavern, which allows for fairly strategic mathematical turns.

Right now, Jandice and Omu are performing very well; within the top five winrates for all heroes on some ranking sites. Maiev is still dominating as she has for some time now, followed by Jandice and then The Lich King, who saw an uptick after his ability cost was changed to “0” in an August patch. As Bob would say: “good luck out there!”

In terms of other Hearthstonenews, the Book of Heroes mode is coming on September 15, which gives us an all-new story led by Jaina Proudmoore. It’s billed as “free single player content over the course of the next 12 months,” with “stories for all 10 core heroes.” On September 23, the competitive tavern brawl mode will re-enter the fray.

The free stuff sounds good to me!

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