Hearthstone's next big expansion is United in Stormwind


Time to go to another capital

It feels like just yesterday that Hearthstone took us to the horde side in Forged in the Barrens, but alas, time marches on and we’re ready for a new expansion. Enter United in Stormwind.

Blizzard has confirmed today that United in Stormwind is the next big set (no mini set here!) and it’s out soonish on August 3. It contains 135 cards, and adds a few new keywords into the mix that should shake up the meta quite a bit.

Questline cards are available for each class in United in Stormwind, and tell stories as you play. You start the match with a questline card in your hand, and you get a bonus effect if you finish a challenge attached to one. It’s a tweak on the previous quest-like system (cast X spells). Tradeable cards can be swapped out for a different card for one mana, bringing a Magic: The Gathering tutoring element into play.

Profession Tools are in too, which co-opt World of Warcraft‘s profession system (like jeweler), and take up a weapon slot: Blizzard gives the example of the Prismatic Jewel Kit for Paladin, which “boosts the power of minions in the player’s hand whenever a friendly minion loses a divine shield.” Oh, and there’s mounts too, which buff minions, then are summoned into play after said minion dies.

Phew! United in Stormwind is kind of a lot.

As usual there’s going to be a mega bundle for $79.99, the details of which you can peruse below, as well as a general bundle for $49.99 that has 60 packs, two legendary cards, and the Lady Katrana Prestor card back.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit is that Battlegrounds is getting cosmetic additions too. You can get a Beach Party or Shadowlands bundle with new portraits, and “Tikilord Ragnaros,” a “fully-voiced alternate bartender.”

United in Stormwind Mega Bundle includes:

• 80 United in Stormwind card packs—plus 5 Golden card packs (containing all Golden cards)
• Two random Golden Legendary cards from United in Stormwind
• The Lady Katrana Prestor Alternate Hero
• The Lady Katrana Prestor card back
• Perks for Hearthstone Battlegrounds that last until the next expansion
• The Ve’nari Alternate Bartender for Hearthstone Battlegrounds