Hell yeah, Duck Game is coming to PS4 next week


This game still cracks me up

Duck Game is a great game, albeit one I don’t want to squeeze a bunch of people around my cramped PC setup to play. As such, I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for the PS4 port. It’ll be here soon.

#hungrylittleman left us some news.

Duck Game coming to @PlayStation on August 22.

New features (including your own #hungrylittleman) pic.twitter.com/SP7EWUK8SF

— adult swim games (@adultswimgames) August 17, 2017

I’m getting giddy just thinking back on Steven’s review. “Shotguns are shot, then racked before they can be shot a again. Armor is picked up, then put on. Muskets are slowly, slowly reloaded. There are a litany of handguns, all with different properties. In the frantic panic, will you remember you were holding a derringer with one shot? I can’t describe the amount of hollering coming from my living room after the tension-snapping slapstick of two ducks with shotguns meticulously coming up to the other before unleashing a barrage of empty-chamber clicks. They’re both out of ammo and the calm, self-assured demeanor they came with dissolves into two panicked ducks jumping around looking for weapons.”

With Duck Game finally coming out, now we just need Gang Beasts on PS4.