Henry Cavill wants to star in a movie based on the Red Dead franchise


He’s a man on a mission

It seems like Henry Cavill has spoken of nothing but video games for the past few years (I mean, who can blame him?), and now he’s back at it again on the press tour for The Witcher‘s second season. This time around, he’s been dropping names of other famous game franchises that he loves, like Mass Effect and Warhammer 40K, both of which he also wants to star in if they ever get their own adaptations. The most recent update to this list, however, is none other than the beloved open-world western adventure Red Dead Redemption, or more specifically, its sequel Red Dead Redemption 2.

When asked in a recent interview with GameReactor which game Cavill would want to adapt next, he responded that he’s “actually started playing Red Dead Redemption 2—I know I’m a little bit late to that party—but I started playing it and I’m really enjoying it. And so, something like that I think would be fun to turn into a movie.” At this point it seems like Cavill is just trying to manifest any and every game adaptation he’s ever dreamed of, and I’m happy for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if from here on out, his entire filmography was just projects based on video games. You go, Henry Cavill, make those movies and shows us normal people can only dream of.

In seriousness though, it always makes me smile to see Cavill singing the praises of our favorite game franchises whenever he does press. You can tell he wants to do these projects because he really loves them, understands what makes them special, and sees the potential that these games have to really shine as other forms of media. He may be an insanely famous actor, but he’s a nerd first (remember that video of him building a PC from a few years ago?) and I can’t think of anyone better to represent the gaming community in mainstream media.