Her Story creator doesn't plan on explaining that ending


He wants fans to debate the evidence

Since Her Story released a couple of weeks back, many people have been debating the plot, the evidence they found and what they think really happened in the lead up to the game. With it’s ambiguously ended plot splitting fans down the middle, many have been asking if creator Sam Barlow would be willing to clarify the ending as he intended it.

Yeah, he’s decided not to do that.

Speaking to Polygon, Barlow explained that he in his head knows what really happened, but he wants to leave that ambiguous for fans to debate.

“My notes and my current understanding is that there’s a definitive version of the story that I have in my head, certainly of what happened prior to the various interviews; this was important as well because all of the detectives’dialoguewas fully scripted as well.”

When specifically asked if he would give fans a solid answer, he replied that he was “probably unlikely to come out and express” his opinion on the plot.

So, expect to see people arguing over this game for a while to come. Personally I couldn’t be happier, I’m loving the debates popping up around Her Story.