Here are the nominees for Destructoid's Game of the Show at E3 2019


You’re the best around!

Friends, I return from the City of Angels with good news: There are some ballin’ fucking video games on the horizon. Thank you for your continued support of this superb critical analysis.

This generation of consoles is nearly ready to ride off into the sunset, and it’s going with a blast instead of a whimper. We didn’t hear as much about new consoles at E3 as we might’ve expected. That leaves everyone in the position of showing their stuff that will launch before holiday 2020. More so than usual, the talk of E3 was about games that are right around the corner.

It’s not a concern. Rather than saving themselves as launch titles for the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox, plenty of games will release late in this generation. It makes sense for two reasons. First, developers are figuring out how to squeeze every drop of horsepower out of the current machines. Second, and maybe most important, the platform-holders have made a big show about how seamless the transition between generations will be; maybe I’ll eat these words in a year and a half, but it seems like being a launch title is something of an antiquatednotion — at least by the standards of what Sony and Microsoft want for the futures of their platforms.

So, we’re left with a ton of games that have us thinking “Oh shit, that comes out in, like, four months?” Problems like this are an embarrassment of riches. During a time when we expect game development to sort of naturally bottleneck and slow down, we’ll have too much to play. Tough life!

Which brings us to this list. I sent the Destructoid staff loose in and around the Los Angeles Convention Center in search of the biggest and best games at E3. We took everything we saw and narrowed it down to 12 exceptionally qualified nominees. We’ll hold a staff vote and announce the winner next week.

We’re way super hella jazzed to play all 12 of these games, but which one has us the way-est super-est hella-est jazzed? Suspense!