It's Ladies' Night in Fate/Grand Order's new story chapter


Thunder Down Under (the Earth)

Get ready to Rayshift, masters, because after a long round of event reruns, Fate/Grand Orderis back with another main story chapter. FGO’s Epic of Remnantcampaign continues with the second “Pseudo-Singularity” chapter, titled Subterranean World of Folklore ~Women of Agartha~, which is set in the esoteric realm of Agartha, a legendary kingdom said to be situated deep beneath the Earth’s surface. In keeping with the title, female servants (plus Astolfo, Enkidu, and le Chevalier d’Eon) gain double the “bond point” rewards from completing missions within the chapter.

Women of Agartha also adds four new servants to the pool, including the 5-Star Caster of the Nightless City, 4-Star Assassin of the Nightless City and Berserker of El Dorado, and the 3-Star Rider of Resistance. As with previous Epic of Remnantentries, the new Servants’ true names are hidden until revealed in the story proper.

Unfortunately for would-be new masters, access to Agartha does come with some prerequisites. Like Shinjuku Phantom Incidentbefore it, Women of Agartharequires completion of the eight main story chapters before it (up to Solomon: The Grand Temple of Time). That said, it may still be a good time to join if you’re considering it, as the game’s 2nd anniversary is coming up next week, which will guarantee a number of useful giveaways, including one based on what story progress you’ve made to date.

Check out a subtitled trailer for Women of Agarthabelow.