Here is Doom II being played on a keyboard key display


What am I even looking at?

Apparently there is a brand of keyboards that includes a tiny display in each individual key — the Optimus Maximus is one of them. This allows you to program them to display whatever you’d like, so Doom had to be the obvious conclusion to that madness.

The display size for each key is around 48×48, so be prepared to guess exactly what is going on with each frame of this video. I’ve watched it a couple of times and, apart from this being a mod with different sound effects, I’m guessing the player is shooting at enemies from memory alone.

What is even cooler is that the keyboard can’t actually display full motion video, so Reddit user AyrA_ch has set up Doom II so the main display will take a screenshot, resize it to the proper resolution and then send it to the keyboard as fast as possible.

That explains why it looks a bit choppy, but I’m mostly surprised that this person isn’t running into serious lag issues. I know the screen size is definitely compromised, but I would take more issue with my movements being delayed.

See Doom 2 played on a tiny display inside a single keyboard key [PC Gamer]