Here's a full roundup of today's Stadia Connect, including the Octopath Traveler announcement


PUBG, too

Google hosted a special Stadia Connect event today, which announced 11 gamescoming to the service. Some are coming sooner than later, so here’s a full roundup of what was confirmed.

PUBGis probably the crown jewel here, and the Pioneer Edition is arriving today for $39.99, which comes with the Survivor Pass: Cold Front as well as exclusive Stadia skins. You can also opt for the $29.99 base game or get it free with your Stadia Pro subscription. Google also confirmed that some EA games are coming to Stadia, including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order(fall), Madden(winter) and FIFA (winter). Want some “first on Stadia” timed exclusives? Crayta (summer), Get Packed (today)and Wave Break (TBA)were confirmed or re-confirmed.

Additional future releases include Zombie Army 4: Dead War($49.99, or free with Stadia Pro on May 1), Octopath Traveler($59.99 [ouch! Square Enix chill out a bit] today), Rock of Ages 3(June) and Embr(first on Stadia and PC, Early Access starts on May 21).

You can find a full roundup of the Stadia Pro updates below. In short, the aforementioned titles are cycling in, and Thumperis cycling out “at the end of April.” As a reminder, Stadia is now giving away a free Pro trial, so you can give a few of these games a shot at no cost (just remember to cancel if you so choose).

Stadia Pro Content Updates

  • PUBG – Pioneer Edition claimable with Stadia Pro on 4/28
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War claimable with Stadia Pro on 5/1
  • SteamWorld Heist claimable with Stadia Pro on 5/1
  • The Turing Test claimable with Stadia Pro on 5/1
  • Thumper leaving Stadia Pro at end of April