Here's a fun behind-the-scenes look at Perfect Dark's development


Break out the expansion pak

I haven’t played Perfect Darksince it released over fifteen yearsago, so I hold it in my memory as some mythical, flawless creation. I thought I wanted to preserve that and never play it again, but then Rare had to go out and release this “Rare Revealed: The Making of Perfect Dark” video.

It’s only thirteen minutes long, but there are all sorts of cool little factoids that you can bring up at your nerdy Christmas party you’re going to. I particularly enjoyed watching Joanna Dark’s voice actor talking about men at her children’s school staring at her in disbelief when they heard her voice. Also, I had no idea that they wanted to use the Game Boy Camera to let you put your face on your multiplayer avatar. Can you imagine how many people would’ve taken pictures of low-res boobies downloaded on Limewire and used them instead of faces?