Holiday music to jam to with your gaming family


Remember the Destructoid Christmas album

Happy holidays, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

It is that time of year when you annoyentertain your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and unsuspecting opponents on Xbox Live with your holiday music. As a professional at annoying entertaining, I figured I’d gift you this virtual mixtape of my favorite ditties to liven up the mood wherever you are.

Pokémon Christmas BashListen on Spotify

Imagine if you will a Christmas album featuring the entire original cast of thePokémon anime singing and rapping their own original songs, as well as some hot takes on classics. Actually, you don’t have to imagine because it has existed since 2001!I discovered PokémonChristmas Bash last year, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I often whisper to friends that “I’m getting Santa a Pikachu this Christmas” as they groan from the memories of me playing this on loop.

What kind of cretin wouldn’t love a song by Meowth called “Nobody Don’t Like Christmas”or Jesse and James singing a bluesy version of “The Christmas Song”?Do yourself and those around you a favor and blare this one as loud as possible.

Donkey Kong Country 3– “Jangle Bells”

Remember Donkey Kong Country 3? You know, the game where you play as the long-lost Dixie and Kiddy Kong? The above track from the DKC3soundtrack will certainly have your toes tappin’ and give you a hankering for some of that olde timey Rare gameplay. I know I associate Donkey Kong Countrygames with Christmas, as I remember fondly receiving them as gifts and marathoning them when I was a child. Great times.

Nintendo’s eShop Holiday Music

Something that both the PS4 and Xbox One lack are kickass tunes for their virtual storefronts, but Nintendo has you covered. Nintendo’s always had some pretty good tunes for its system menus and eShop, and this year’s holiday-themed tune is no exception.

The Destructoid Christmas Album

What holiday music list would be complete without the Destructoid Christmas Album? You’ve got all the forefathers and mothers that paved the way for Destructoid: Jim Sterling, Chad Concelmo, Tony Ponce, Dale North, Jonathan Holmes, Chad Concelmo, and more!

The Second Annual Destructoid Christmas Album

The 2nd Annual Destructoid Christmas Album by Destructoid Staff

Last but not least The Second Annual Destructoid Christmas Album. As great as the original was, this one is far better. Not only do you have Jonathan Holmes and Tony Ponce rapping “Christmas in Hollis,” but you also get Jim Sterling singing about a boy finding his mother dead on Christmas. What could bring more cheer than that? How about Dale North’s beautiful voice and music? How about the always happy Chad Concelmo singing the classic “What’s This?”fromThe Nightmare Before Christmas? I could gush over each and every song and tell you why they are fantastic, but why don’t you just give it a listen instead?

Your holidays will surely be even better with these great tunes! You’re welcome. No need to thank me; call it my gift to you all. Feel free to share some of your other favorites in the comments below.

Happy holidays everyone!