Here's a good long look at Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition, including a glimpse at the extra content


The epilogue starts at 5:30

The trend of getting new Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Editionnews every few days continues, as Nintendo of Japan just put out a lengthy video (roughly six minutes and change) that showcases the re-release as a whole: including a glimpse at the new epilogue content.

As we established previously, the Definitive Editionwill provide an extra bit of story content, which is the perfect way to go about a re-release like this. The thing is Xenoblade Chroniclesisn’t thatold compared to a lot of other remasters and remakes that are aping the PlayStation 1 or PS2 eras, so Nintendo and Monolith Soft are adding a little incentive here to pick it up for what might be the third time (remember the New 3DS?).

The video below shows off the sharpness of the new Switch edition, as well as a general overview of the dormant giants that define the game’s entire world and compromise its landscape. You’ll also get a general feel for the cast and tone of the game, which is very “hopeful shonen.”

Even if you don’t understand Japanese there’s some reveals in there, so make sure you avoid it if you want to go in completely fresh! For the veterans, the new stuff starts at 5:30 in. That’s when the trailer kicks into high gear with a tease of the epilogue, which will feature a new battle mechanic (shown directly at 6:15).

I think I’ve seen enough! I’m going to dive directly into the epilogue when it’s out: you can do that!