Here's an in-depth look at Mass Effect: Andromeda's combat system


Said you would never give up easy

This space conflict isn’t getting resolved without a space firefight. Or, more accurately, many space firefights. Mass Effect: Andromedalabels you as the Pathfinder and that sounds peaceful enough, but every path through this game seems to be laden with folks who just want to murder you.

In the interest of self-defense, you will shoot back. You will have to. This new video describes the many facets of the Mass Effect: Andromedasystem and it’ll be up to you to figure out which combination best suits your style. Maybe you like an assault rifle that shoots good old-fashioned bullets, and a sniper rifle that relies on unlimited ammo but has a cool-down system. Or, maybe you like to cloak yourself and blast fire from your hands. That’s on the table too.

Customization’s again king in Mass Effect: Andromeda and that will go a long way to determining how you play.But, there’s plenty that’s ubiquitous to all players regardless of style. For instance, every gun is available to everyone; there are no restrictions based on class. Also, there’s a jump jet for dashing that seems like it’ll be useful in making movement an integral part of combat.

With about a month until Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s release, BioWare still has plenty to tell us about the game’s intricacies. The combat overview is just the first installment in an official gameplay series. Relative little is still known about Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s world, but most of the allure comes from finding that stuff out on our own.