Here's how to get that Sonic Mania collector's edition to light up


In addition to shouting ‘SEEEGAAAAA’

When I saw that a Sonic Mania Collector’s edition went up for roughly 40 bucks (at some retailers) and included a game code, I immediately leapt on a pre-order. A lot of people did the same it seems as it sold out pretty quickly, but folks are running into one minor issue with the statue — it doesn’t light up.

I noticed this when unpacking it, that as advertised, the iconic “SEEEGAAA” sound effects plays, but there’s no red LED “power” toggle. A self-described curious purveyor of electronics Jojo decided to pop it open on Twitter, and found that all of the wiring for an LED light is there, it’s just not hooked up — there’s even solder points for it marked “LED.”

Literally all you need to do is follow their step-by-step Twitter breakdown, wire the LED to the PCB circuit board, and you’re good. It’s such a little thing, but if you’re curious and want to partake in a light amount of work to make it happen, you can! Only four screws and a few wires will stand in your way.

So, there you have it. One Sonic statue with fully functioning LED #SonicMania

— Jojo (@Emperix) August 17, 2017