Here's how to grab a free singing Pikachu in Pokemon Sword and Shield


It’s an easy Mystery Gift giveaway

Every so often, Game Freak does mystery gift giveaways for free creatures in Pokemon Swordand Shield.

Okay, it’s mostly just different types of Pikachus. Okay, it’s basically all Pikachu, all the time. But at the very least you’re getting one that doesn’t sport a hat this time around. In fact, it will use sing, encore, celebrate, and electro ball; with a lightning rod ability and a light ball item.

Starting today, you can grab a “showstopping Pikachu” in your game, which has the “exclusive move” sing. Yes, it’s a singing Pikachu. It still looks the same. To get it, just load up the mystery gift portion of the game and enter:P25MUS1C.

If you’re confused, you can find the full rundown below.

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