Why yes, I *would* like to stream the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack on Spotify


Eight and a half hours sounds like a lot until it all flies by

It’s a rainy Friday afternoon, it’s somehow almost March, and the weekend feels just out of reach. I want to shut off my brain and zone out to the wonderful Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack without bouncing around YouTube – doubly so in the aftermath of Intergrade. Anyone else in the mood?

Yesterday was overflowing with FFVII news and here’s one more nugget: the Remake soundtrack is streaming on Spotify today. It’s also on Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music if you prefer.

The tracks aren’t the easiest to follow out of order – their titles are currently listed in Japanese by Square Enix – but you can use your intuition if you’re pretty familiar with the flow of Remake.

Take us away, Uematsu. We’re in your hands now.

Sad, funny story: I recently dropped my Spotify Premium because “I don’t use it that much anymore.” Less than 24 hours later, after trying out the free version once in my car, I was back. They got me. It had been many years since I used non-Premium and I didn’t realize what I was in for; good timing, I guess.