Heroes of the Storm continues to build its world with a second comic


Now build the rest of the Diablo roster starting with Mephisto

Blizzard is smartly diving into what makes the Heroes of the Storm universe tick — or specifically, what differentiates it from the rest of the Blizzard universe. It might be an “all-stars” rendition of Blizzard’s properties, a greatest hits if you will, but those of us who play Heroes know that there’s a decent amount of original work to be found in the cracks.

Still, they know that incorporating some of the bigger lore figures into that storytelling method will serve them well, and that’s just what they did with the second comic strip for the game — linking the sage researcher Deckard Cain into the core narrative. Cain, who recently debuted as a playable character, wanders the countryside in the second volume, getting to the bottom of various nefarious happenings.

If you play give it a read!

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