Heroes of the Storm's new event is mecha-themed, just in time for Evangelion on Netflix


Zankoku na tenshi no you ni

Blizzard has been teasing the return of the MechaStorm anime-esque event (appropriately called MechaStorm II) in Heroes of the Stormfor a while now, and right alongside of the launch of Neon Genesis Evangelionon Netflix, the publisher pushed it off the PTR (public test realm/server) and onto the live edition of the game.

In short it’s a bunch of new quests for free rewards, that also heralds new cosmetics and upcoming seasonal changes. The big stars are Yrel, Valla, and Malthael, all of whom have new mechanized/anime-fied skins, as well as a new mount called the Seraph Wing. Vrel’s new skin is very much aping Rei Ayanami from Evangelion, but this isn’t the first Eva reference in Heroes:Shinji’s Eva Unit-01 and Asuka’s Eva Unit-02 have also been immortalized in the form of skins (Genji for the former, D.Va for the latter, and Artanis has both). The ultimate goal is completing thePerfect Mecha Tyrael skin bit-by-bit.

The best part of Heroesevents are the animated shorts though, like the one below that help explain the gist of what’s happening. As character drops have slowed down in this now “maintenance mode” release, the team has been fairly quick to add new content in other ways. I’m still happily playing the game even if I wish more stuff was on the way.

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