Hey, look, a Vita game got announced!


Portuguese merchant sim Neo Atlas 1469

Sony’s E3 stage show was great, but if you foolishly expected any Vita love, I have bad news for you: the handheld might as well not exist, as far as Sony’s is concerned. In America, at least.

In Japan, Artdink just announced Neo Atlas 1469 for Vita. The simulation games puts you in the shoes of a Portuguese merchant exploring and trading during the Age of Discovery. Gematsu translation calls it, “a new world discovery simulation game where everything is determined by belief or non-belief. Players will listen to the reports of admirals that come back from exploration, and from there create an original map. You’ll hear trustworthy things, as well as suspicious things such as monsters appearing.”

It actually sounds kind of neat. And Artdink has been making these bad boys since the 90s, most of us blissfully unaware. Which is how I will remain on October 27 because it’s a Japanese game and the Vita is dead. At least I can still use it for Vagrant Story.

名作SLG最新作『ネオアトラス1469』PSVitaで発売決定!!信じるか信じないかで世界が大きく変わる新世界発見ゲー [Hachima Kikou]