Hibana statue coming for the dedicated (and rich) Rainbow Six Siege fan


Japanese operator breaches your lounge/wallet

Wealthy supporters of Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege now have a new way to showcase their love for deadly breacher Yumiko Imagawa – better known by her call-sign “Hibana” – in the form of a brand new premium statue, now available to pre-order from merch-maker PureArts.

This quarter-scale polyresin statue spotlights the Japanese S.A.T. operator kitted out in her Elite “Onkochishin” skin. Yumiko stands poised for action with her Kyudo bow, reflecting her in-game MVP pose. For traditionalists, the bow can also be swapped out for Hibana’s wall-destroying X-KAIROS firearm. Additionally a small-scale Japanese lantern – complete with LED – can be situated on the statue’s base to create dynamic lighting effects.

If you want to bring Hibana flashbangin’ into your living room, then now’s the time to take a deep breath. Hibana will retail for $499, with the statue having a limited production run of 999 units. Additionally, PureArts is currently shipping Hibana to addresses in North and South America only, so international fans might have to find a proxy pal to pick up the order for them. Be sure to bear in mind shipping costs and potential customs charges.

You can pre-order Hibana right now over on the PureArts website.