Hitman 2 is coming this November and it won't be episodic


But IO expects to release ‘tons of post-launch content’

IO Interactive is following up 2016’s excellent Hitman with a direct sequel, Hitman 2, on November 13, 2018. Unlike the last game, which followed an episodic release, this one is coming “all at once,” according to IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abrak. There will be “tons and tons of post-launch content.”

Today’s reveal trailer shows off Miami, one of the game’s “six new exotic locations.” My mind is already racing with the possibilities for mayhem on an active raceway. And for folks who were invested in Hitman (2016), it sounds like IO is keen to directly continue the Shadow Client storyline.

Co-op is also making its way to the Hitman series with a standalone mode called Sniper Assassin. It’s exactly what that name conjures up: you and a pal work together to snipe targets. Simple but effective.

Players who pre-order Hitman 2 can get instant access to Sniper Assassin. Along with the standard $60 edition, there’s also a $100 Gold Edition that offers a four-day head start, outfits, weapons, and access to two expansions when they become available. So, we’re getting at least two more levels post-launch.

As much as I liked Hitman‘s approach to episodic content for letting me focus on and savor one location at a time, it felt like IO struggled to effectively communicate the release model to potential players. Hopefully the studio is able to give everyone the best of both worlds with Hitman 2.