Hitman is getting a 'Game of the Year' edition with an extra mini-campaign


Was it even considered a GOTY?

IO Interactive’s latest Hitman game (simply titled Hitman) was fairly well received last year. Despite it having a pointless online requirement and being chopped into different episodes, fans took to the game and ended up making it a cult success. That wasn’t enough to stop Square Enix from selling IO, but the company has rebounded and even continued to update their rebooted assassin series.

Not willing to rest on their laurels, IO Interactive has announced that Hitman: Game of the Year Edition will be coming next month. This new version, which includes the entirety of Season One, will also see the release of the “Patient Zero” mini-campaign and a bunch of extra costumes and “Escalation” contract missions.

Sadly, existing owners of Hitman will need to pay an extra $20 for the GOTY upgrade, but new players will be able to grab everything for $60 on November 7. If you don’t want to upgrade, then that is fine; Hitman will also be receiving a free update that tweaks the UI, adds new “Contracts” missions and even adds support for the Xbox One X.

The timed exclusive “Elusive Targets” will also be making a return appearance. If you previously tried them, you won’t be able to replay those missions, but anyone who missed them the first time around will get another shot to take out those bastards. Hopefully they can just leave the Gary Busey one up indefinitely; I have a score to settle with him!

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