Hollow brings spoopy space shenanigans to Steam and Switch


Where no one can hear you scream… yes, again

The disquieting, isolated vastness of space has been a frequent go-to in the horror genre. Switch and PC players will soon have the opportunity to once again step into the terrifying unknown in survival horror title Hollow, unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show.

Like all the best horror trailers, we aren’t given much to go on in this teaser, just some panicky, disjointed voices and a lone figure desperately attempting to escape someone, or something.

It’s a creepy looking premise, but it was a foolish decision to include yet another cover of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” on the soundtrack, a song currently battling Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” for most overused promotional tune ever.

Regardless, fans of the survival horror genre and thirsty Dead Space devotees might want to keep an eye on Hollow, which drops on PC November 16, with a Nintendo Switch release to follow.