Hopefully Suda51's Fire Pro Wrestling World DLC will be less traumatising than his last effort


Remember when ‘Ric Flair’ murdered your friend?

Spike Chunsoft has announced that a new DLC scenario is being developed for their wrestling sim Fire Pro Wrestling World. What makes this announcement particularly special is that it’s being penned than none other than esoteric game designer Suda51.

What some may not know is that Goichi Suda cut his teeth in the industry on the legendary wrestling series, writing and producing the excellent 1994 release Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special for the SNES (his second FPW title). Suda’s story mode, however, was incredibly dark. Starting out as a young rookie, the player character attempts to build their career as a wrestler on the world circuit, partaking in matches and tournaments, defeating opponents and making a name for themselves. All good so far, right?

As the story progresses, things take a grim turn. The player character’s coach is murdered, the player accidentally kills their best friend in a match, and world champion Dick Slender (a thinly-veiled Ric Flair clone) straight up murders your tag-team partner in the ring. Eventually, our hero faces off against Dick Flair, a decision that causes his girlfriend to leave him. Defeating Slender and becoming world champion, the player character then goes home and shoots themselves in the head. Straight up.

Sooo… Here’s hoping that Fire Pro Wrestling World’s upcoming DLC, The Vanishing, is a little more hopeful and features just a tad less, you know, death and abject misery. There has been no date announced for The Vanishing, but we’ll keep you informed when more information is made available.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is available now on PS4 and PC.