Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds looks like more of the good stuff


I wish I were better at this game

We’re a week away from The Frozen Wilds, Guerrilla Games’ first and only expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. Previous trailers have been fairly reserved, opting to focus on the snowy new scenery, but today’s video out of Paris Games Week is all about that action, baby. It’ll be nice to revisit this world.

Two quick thoughts. Actually, three! First, I would’ve loved to have all these ferocious machines as toys as a kid. (I was big into Beast Wars back then.) Second, for all the spectacle here, the sound design really stands out to me in this trailer. And third, it’s hard to believe Horizon came out this year. It’s been such a stacked year in gaming from beginning to end that my mind just can’t keep up with it all.