Hot Take: Grim Fandango is hilarious, but the puzzles suck


We aren’t the smartest tools in the shed

Is it because you know the game? Or is it because you saw a skeleton on the cover? Either way it’s all the same, because this is another Hot Take! Today, we’re grabbing our scythes and diving into the wacky world of Grim Fandango Remastered for PlayStation 4.

Now, I was, how you say, “three years old” when this game came out, so I don’t quite have the same amount of reverence you folks might have for this beloved LucasArts title. So, from a fresh young’un’s perspective, I can sort of see why people remember Grim Fandango so fondly. The parts of it that aren’t a videogame (like the visuals or the writing) are endlessly memorable, but the puzzles…hoo boy. You’ll see what I mean.