House Flipper, the HGTV game of my dreams, comes to PS4 and Xbox One this month


It’s demo day!

As a white person, I’ve watched more than 10,000 hours of HGTV. Whether I’m screaming at some spoiled college student on House Hunters Internationalor rolling my eyes every time a designer recommends subway tile, the channel is my go-to whenever I want to shut my brain completely off and sink deep into my chair, sunken place-style, as I watch Lakefront Bargain Hunt. These are shows where I foolishly believe I can design it better, and soon I’ll have the chance to prove just how incorrect that thought is when House Flippercomes to consoles.

Originally released in 2018, House Flipperis a first-person home renovation game where players are tasked with turning a stinker into a stunner. Going by the announcement trailer, it’s unclear if the Garden FlipperorApocalypse FlipperDLC packs will be included in this port.

House Flipper will launch on PlayStation 4 on February 25 and on Xbox One on February 26. It is currently available on PC. Another DLC pack, House Flipper – HGTV, is currently in development.