How to unlock the FFXIV Sage job and where to find it


It’s mostly painless, like the other expansions

So Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is out, and it’s time to unlock a new healing class. This is the one you’re going to unlock first, right? The healer? And not the damage-dealing Reaper? Right? Everyone? Where’d you go? Well, here’s how to unlock the FFXIV Sage.

Thankfully, the process for the Sage is similar to past expansion unlocks.

unlock the FFXIV Sage 1

Head to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks

Go to the coordinates X:9.4 Y:12.9 — you can view these on your in-game map without a mod. Then speak to the Sharlayan Maiden to begin the process to unlock the FFXIV Sage.

They’re right near the main Aetheryte across a bridge pictured above.

Unlock the FFXIV Sage 2

The next step is to teleport to the Zephyr Gate at the main Aetheryte you just came from. Talk to the NPC there and answer a few questions, and you got it. You need to be level 70 on a disciple of war or magic job first (read: a combat class). And that’s pretty much it!

The Sage will actually start at level 70, so you have a brand new high-level character at your disposal so long as you meet the requirements.

Here are the typical provisos for new classes:

“In accordance with the addition of these new jobs, gear for reaper and sage has been added to the rewards for certain duties, and will now be sold by merchant NPCs. Please note, however, that reaper and sage cannot be used in the Hall of the Novice, nor can they receive the first-time completion bonus from guildhests.”