How to unlock very high settings for home streaming in the Xbox app on Windows 10


Never leave your PC, ever

Redditors have found a way to enable a hidden very high quality setting in the Xbox app for Windows 10 that allows players to stream their Xbox One in even better quality, pending their network can handle it.

The process isn’t too hard for those who know the basics of navigating some of the more tucked-away settings of Windows:

  • Go to “%localappdata%\Packages\” in Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to the “Microsoft.XboxApp” folder
  • Open the “Local State” folder
  • Open the file “userconsoledata” in a text editor
  • Use the find option to locate “IsInternalPreview”
  • Change this variable to “true” then save and close the file.

This small tweak enables you to select the very high quality setting when streaming your Xbox One to your PC, and makes a big difference in quality. The amount of in-home bandwidth is reportedly increased from around 3Mbps to a peak of 20Mbps. I haven’t had a chance to run this tweak yet myself, but give it a try and let us know what your results are in the comments.

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