Here's how to visit Final Fantasy XIV's new Empyreum housing district


Actual housing is coming in patch 6.1

The housing market in Final Fantasy XIV, as usual, is congested. The new Empyreum housing district is going to try and alleviate that…when it actually arrives. So while Endwalker is actually upon us this week and you can visit the Empyreum housing district in all its glory and stake out your plot: you can’t purchase it yet.

Here’s how to get into that new district and a little explainer on the development team’s plan.

Empyreum housing district 1

Head to Foundation

So you need a disciple of war or magic at level 60 (a battle class), and have finished the “Litany of Peace” main story quest, first off.

Empyreum housing district 2

Then, go to Foundation, and talk to Gondelimbaud at X:9.9 and Y:11.8. The NPC is right near the main entry point. Then go look for Thomelin across town at X:14.0 and Y:12.6. You can head right through The Forgotten Knight tavern.

Empyreum housing district 4

Talk to the NPC right in the Empyreum housing district, then teleport back to the main Foundation Aetheryte. You can now teleport around via the Foundation Aethernet network.

You’ll gain access to the Empyreum housing district, and you can look around to your heart’s content.

Empyreum housing district 5

Here’s how the lottery process works

At a later date, you can opt-in for the lottery. Players need to be level 50 with a disciple of war or magic, and not own a current plot of land after winning said lottery (if you’re in a free company [FC], you need to be a second lieutenant or a higher rank). Once you’re in, you can apply for lotteries in individual plots.

It’s going to be a bit strange and too much for a lot of people, and I don’t blame them. After giving up my plot of land in The Mist that overlooked the beach a few years back (after many of my real-life friends/neighbors quit the game), I’m content with an apartment.

If you want a full rundown of how the lottery system is going to operate, you can watch this video at 5:44:09.