Hulk Hogan returns to WWE 2K20, set to release this October


Hulkamania is back

[Update: 2K Games has confirmed the pricing for the various editions of WWE 2K20. The standard will cost $59.99, the deluxe will be $79.99, and the collector’s will go for $129.99. All prices are USD.]

2K Games has announced that WWE 2K20, the latest installment in its annual wrestling series, will be entering the ring on October 22, 2019. Along with confirming the date, a ton of information about game modes and the roster was revealed and there’s a real shocker for fans. Hulk Hogan will be returning to the WWE games after a five-year hiatus for his racist remarks. Not only that but famous diva Chyna will be making her debut in the series at long last.

This year’s “2K Showcase” for the game will focus on the Women’s Evolution storyline. Featuring the “Four Horsewomen,” this story mode will have historical recreations of famous matches with objective-based goals for players to complete. It’s one of the better career modes in the WWE games and was a highlight of the dreadful WWE 2K15 years ago. This year looks to finally do justice to the female athletes that compete in the WWE.

Continuing in that fashion, MyCareer will finally allow you to rise through the ranks as a female superstar. There’s mention of an intertwining storyline featuring both the male and female created superstars, which could make for some juicy rivalry or romance options. You gotta love how much these wacky career modes lean into the soap opera-like nature of the WWE.

Rounding it off, mixed tag matches will finally be available to play. A long-requested feature by fans, mixed tag will allow two male and female teams to battle against each other and create scenarios similar to the “Mixed Match Challenge” that airs on TV. You can even mix and match genders (as the name would imply) to create your dream tag of power.

DLC for 2K20 is also said to be completely different. Instead of focusing on individual packs coming at a later date, 2K is looking to keep a more constant flow of updates coming to 2K20. Buyers of the standard edition will receive the first DLC pack for free, while anyone that opts for the deluxe or collector’s editions will get all of the DLC included. There’s no mention of price, but I’d wager the season pass will go for $40.

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