Human: Fall Flat's ice level has snowboards and ski lifts


Slip slidin’ away

It’s so nice to have a co-op game you know you can keep coming back to every few months. For me, lately, it’s been Human: Fall Flat a wobbly puzzle-platformer that lets you pal around in a silly physics playground. The game debuted in 2016, and No Brakes Games is still pumping out levels to this day.

Human: Fall Flat‘s latest DLC – the Ice level – sells itself. And I’m not just saying that because it’s free.

In other games, ice often means misery, but here, tripping over yourself is all part of the fun. I can immediately picture what kind of trouble I’ll be able to get into with access to snowboards and a ski lift.

The Ice level has a staggered launch stretching from today until Friday. PlayStation 4 is up first, followed by Steam (November 6), Nintendo Switch (November 7), and Xbox One (November 8).

At some point, I’m bound to be known as the guy who just won’t shut up about Human: Fall Flat already. It’s a fate I’ll willingly accept. The next time you find yourself in a room with strange people who won’t stop over-sharing intimate life details – Thanksgiving is coming up soon! – consider busting this out.