Humble is giving away Shadow Warrior for free right now


A price that can’t be beat

Humble is doing its best Lo Wang impression. It’s slashing, slashing, slashing — but instead of chopping apart demonic monsters, it’s cutting down the price of Shadow Warrior. Humble’s efficient too, getting the price as low as it can possibly go.

For the next 46 hours or so (until 9am Pacific on Saturday), Humble is giving Shadow Warrior: Special Edition away for free. All you have to do is add it to your cart, click the “Get if for free” button, and you’ll get sent a Steam code. It’s all easy enough.

Certainly the idea here is that people may fall in love with Shadow Warriorand they’re compelled to purchase the sequel. Sure. That’s perfectly fine. As far as marketing initiatives go, giving us free stuff is probably the most palatable.

Shadow Warrior: Special Edition [Humble]