Humble Weekly is all Tom Clancy games, including beta access for The Division


Keeping it Clancy

A wide assortment of titles is nowhere to be found with this week’s Humble Bundle. Instead, Tom Clancy is the name and tactical espionage is the game. It’s the game about ten times over, in fact.

As a part of the build-up toward the March 8 release of The Division, Ubisoft is offering upward of ten past games from the franchise at a discount. The big draw for many people will likely be access to The Division‘s closed beta which was delayed to “early 2016” last month.

The breakdown of this Humble Bundle is that a contribution of $1 or more will net youRainbow Six, Rainbow Six 3Gold Edition (Raven Shield / Athena Sword), Rainbow Six Vegas, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Ghost Recon. Paying more than the average ($8.07 at time of writing) gets you Rainbow Six Vegas 2, access to The Division‘s beta,Splinter Cell, andSplinter Cell Conviction Deluxe Edition.

For the higher tiers, those who pay $10 or more getSplinter Cell Blacklistand Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Finally, anyone who chips in $75 or more gets The Divisionupon release, a Divisiont-shirt, and a coupon for 66 percent off any three Ubisoft games on the Humble store.

It’s worth noting that all of the titles are tied to Uplay, likely a deal-breaker for some. If you’re fine with it, here’s a cheap opportunity to see much of the Tom Clancylibrary before Tom Clancy’s Estate’s The Divisioncomes out.

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