Humble's 'Indie Mega Week' sale has a lot of great games on the cheap


Who needs a wallet, anyway?

I thought I was in the clear after Steam’s mega summer sale. I figured I would be good until at least the Fall season before nabbing all kinds of indie games on the cheap. Leave it to Humble Bundle to yell, “CHEAP GAMES!” and get me worked up into a fever. How are there still so many games I have yet to buy?! Why have you forsaken me?!

My crisis aside, Humble Bundle is hosting an “Indie Mega Week” sale with quite a bit of titles on the cheap. Some savings are 90% off, which is basically like stealing these games. I’m not going to list everything that is on sale, but I’ll give you guys some highlights that are bound to keep you entertained until the next game sale rolls around.

Indie Mega Week [Humble Bundle]