Hyakki Castle is a neat twist on first-person dungeon crawlers


Coming to Steam this winter

Hyakki Castle is one of those games that’s strong enough conceptually to grab my attention, even if the execution — in this case, the 3D art — might not be all the way there. It’s a first-person dungeon crawler that draws from Japanese folklore, an idea I’m very much into, especially on a platform like PC.

You’ll put together a crew of humans, oni, tengu, or nekomata to work your way through a haunted castle, taking on familiar yokai and avoiding traps with an end goal of killing the castle’s lord.

The game’s main talking point is a party-split feature, in which you can separate your party into two groups (two and two, or one and three) either to lure out foes or circumvent traps. Hyakki Castle is real-time, so that should prove uniquely challenging for folks like me who aren’t great multitaskers.

You can find more details on the game’s Steam page. It’s due out at the end of the year.