Hyrule Warriors Legends to feature 'player change' and 'Smash Burst Power' mechanics


This is a lot more than just DLC

At first glance, I thoughtHyrule Warriors Legends was going to just be DLC of sorts, adding a few more characters to the mix. But after more details are coming to light, it looks to be a whole lot more than that. Gematsu has translated some new information, and it all sounds really rad.

For starters, the new Skull Kid story will be presented with a “picture-story-style,” and he will for sure transfer to the Wii U edition of the game. Phantom Ganon is in as we know as an enemy, but evidently players can now use two new mechanics against bosses — “player change” and “Ocarina Warp,” (which were mentioned before) to trigger a Smash Burst Power special move.

This is all speculation, but if I had to guess, player change will literally allow you to switch characters at will (likely on the touch screen). Ocarina Warp has been confirmed, and it allows you to teleport to owl statues littered about the battlefield. Both of these would allow team members to meet up together for the Smash.

Finally, a new Wind Waker themed stage will appear, which features the Earth and Wind temples, as well as Makar. Um, sign me up.

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