I am extremely here for casual-wear Rosalina


Another highlight from the Super Mario Odyssey art book

I gotta get my hands on that Art of Super Mario Odyssey book that just came out in Japan. Every little glimpse I catch in tweets and forum posts has me hoping for a not-too-distant localized release.

Following our look at Nintendo’s unused Princess Bowser concept, here’s another fun what-if scenario I wish would’ve made it into Super Mario Odyssey: casual-wear Rosalina strumming a guitar.

Side by side Rosalinas

If you’ve made it all the way through the game, I think you’ll agree that this new look for Rosalina would not have felt particularly out of place. The main issue might have been finding an appropriate and meaningful-enough spot in the story. It’s a great design that calls for an equally great implementation.

Maybe next game?

Rosalina could have appeared in Super Mario Odyssey [ResetEra]