Kemono Friends Picross brings cute brain-teasers westward on Nintendo Switch


Still too complicated for me

Japanese developer Jupiter has announced that their new Picross title, branded with the cutesy pals of Kemono Friends, will launch on Nintendo Switch October 4, the same day as its Japanese equivalent.

For those less inclined, Picross is a visual logic puzzle that requires the decoding of numbered formula in order to create hidden images laid out in a grid. This Kemono Friends-branded edition will obviously include characters from the popular anthro-anime and manga series.

Don’t worry if you’re a total beginner, as the release will contain tutorials and trial examples. Kemono Friends Picross will also feature over 300 puzzles of varying levels of difficulty, including an interesting Clip Picross mode, where smaller images form a larger overall montage of Serval and her menagerie of animal buddies.

Kemono Friends Picross will be available to download on Nintendo Switch October 9.