I can't stop listening to this synthwave cover of Final Fantasy XIV's latest boss theme


4.3 musical spoilers

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues to deliver when it comes to worthwhile updates, as it should given its subscription-based format.

Just this past week 4.3 crept onto the scene, bringing in a heap of new content as well as a new primal (kind of like a summon or Esper/Eidolon) — and with it, another kick ass boss theme that deserves to be put into the pantheon of great Final Fantasymusic. It’s definitely one of the more obscure types of covers I’ve found, but musician dutyyaknow crafted a synthwave version of Wayward Daughter, the latest track, and it’s fantastic.For comparison’s sakehere’s the actual theme.

With the rise of media like Stranger Things, Drive, and even Vice Principalssynthwave has been seeing a sort of revival, and I’m loving it.