I don't have infinite money, so I'll try Infinite Warfare for free this weekend


PC version only

If you’re a broke gamer, such as myself, and want to try out the latest Call of Duty title, then this weekend on Steam will be your dream come true. From now until February 26 at 1 PM PST, the multiplayer portion of Infinite Warfare will be free with no level cap limitations. You’ll be stuck to the base maps and won’t have access to zombies mode, but you can go prestige if you’re crazy enough.

Alongside this free weekend comes a sale on Steam. You can grab the base game for $29.99 (50% off), the Legacy edition for $53.59 (33% off and includes Modern Warfare Remastered), or the Digital Deluxe edition for $74.99 (25% off and includes the Season Pass along MWR). Oddly, the season pass itself is not on sale, so you’re out of luck if you already own the game.

Anyone interested might as well queue up the download now as the game sits at a pretty 50,600 MB. I guess we’ll all convene after dinner, then?

Play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer For Free on Steam this Weekend! [Activision Blog]