I should replay Resident Evil 4 just to take a truck out with eggs


This silly trick seems like a very good use of my time

Resident Evil 4 is a super-replayable game in a series full of them.

Whether you’re tearing through it as fast as possible, limiting your arsenal for an extra self-imposed challenge, scrounging up secrets and obscure death animations, or just playing it again for no particular reason because it’s a thrill ride that expertly hides its age, there’s always something fun to do in RE4.

For me, a huge part of the Replay Factor is the way Capcom blends barely-hanging-on tension with nigh-unstoppable power. Overcoming the odds with know-how and cheesy-as-hell weapon unlocks is the series’ not-so-secret sauce – it’s the stuff that keeps Resident Evil on my mind all year long. The way in which you gradually slide from one extreme to the other (and go back to face harder difficulties) is so entertaining. A lot of horror games are built to be replayed, but few put in so much work to earn it.

My first time through a main-series Resident Evil game, my adrenaline is pumping. I’m playing on permanent high alert, always wary of what might happen when I least expect it. But as I settle into the enemy and item layouts, the boss strategies, and the overall pace of the horror-adventure, the tide turns in my favor. Once-freaky foes suddenly become pushovers, and I feel like I’m in total control.

The Resident Evil cycle is a beautiful thing, and this clip from Redditor magnum609 illustrates it well.

Egg vs Truck. from r/residentevil

You know the truck that comes barreling down a hill to run over Leon and Ashley in Chapter 2-3? It’s one of the many oh-shit moments in Resident Evil 4 that can make you fumble with the controls.

Or not! If you come prepared, you can just egg the truck instead – and the eggs will win.

It’ll be a sad day if Capcom ever decides to shy away from allowing these sorts of hijinks. Scare us silly all you want, but when the time comes, give us the freedom to find our own out-of-the-box fun too.