I think I could play anime brawlers like Naruto to Buruto: Shinobi Striker until I die


Not always for full price, but eventually

There’s also plenty of great brawlers out there like thePower Stoneseries, but some of my best gaming moments involve silly projects that most people hate. Perhaps the greatest (?) example is The Bouncer; one of the most infamous (and totally rad) PS2 games of the era. Then there’s the divisiveWu-Tang: Shaolin Style on PS1(I had the multi-tap on the ready forWu-Tang battle parties) and myriad anime brawlers that seem to pop up every other month.

In case you’re also all about that secret brawler vice, Bandai Namco just shared a new clip ofNaruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, which highlights nearly every facet of its 4v4 combat system.In case you haven’t been following along, the immensely popular Naruto Shippudenanime series came to an end in 2017 clocking in at 500 episodes, itself a continuation of the original Naruto animethat ran for 220 episodes. Because popular things never end a new manga series was conceived under the title “Boruto,” named after the son of Naruto — it is also an anime series now and will probably run far after you depart this mortal coil (it just hit episode 66 today).

Wait where was I? Oh yeah, anime brawlers mostly kick ass because you can turn your brain off, gather a few friends, and battle it out in huge arenas with wacky rulesets and explosions. You probably play Super Smash Bros., you get it.

Shinobi Striker will arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 31.