I want this interactive amiibo jukebox shelf so bad


It took over a year to make

I felt pretty good about owning every amiibo ever made in a glass case that a family member gifted me, butthis “interactive shelf” from BerryAaku is on another level.

After spending “a little over a year” on the project, they were able to craft a bookshelf that accepts amiibo figures at the top — rotating them and announcing their name, followed by a tune from the appropriate series. Ryu, Sonic, Rosalina, and Toon Link were shown, and the shelf itself has some really cool lighting effects.

If you’re curious, here’s how it was made.In addition to a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, mild electrical know-how is essential. If you decide to make one good luck! Otherwise you can just enjoy it vicariously in the video below.

amiibo Interactive Shelf [Reddit]