I would gladly trade a Rock Band 4 set for a puppy


Can’t blame them for tryin’

The prospect of puppies has an undeniable power. Earlier this week, professional hockey player Bobby Ryan scored a goal in a game, earning these two kids a new pup. Not to be outdone, the next day another hockey player netted three goals, which got this girl a puppy (on her birthday, no less!)

Don’t underestimate the allure of puppies. Asking professional athletes to exchange performance for pets is uncertain, though. One Craigslist user is going for a more tried-and-true method: Bartering.

Much to Harmonix’s dismay (probably), someone is trying to trade their PS4 guitar-bundled Rock Band 4set for a puppy. Good moves! Why settle for a video game which is someentertainment when you could have a puppy that is allthe entertainment?

There are some restrictions, though. The trade-proposer doesn’t really want a chihuahua or a pug. Outside of that, everything’s a green light. They “just want something cute to cuddle.” That Strat just isn’t adorable enough to wake up to on a cold Sunday morning.

@KeitaroE37 [Twitter]