I'd play this Bloodborne demake


The continuing adventures of Eileen the Crow

@Pixel_Dailies #bloodborne demake about Eileen, sorry this ones late! pic.twitter.com/PwYqklZeCU

— Alex McDonald (@Cannonbreed) April 13, 2015

The first time I saw Eileen the Crow, I was startled and almost attacked her on the spot. That would’ve gone badly. She’s a powerful hunter — easily one of the coolest in Yharnam — and turning against her even late into the game (whether intentional or otherwise) is asking for trouble.

It seems Eileen made an impression on pixel artist Alex McDonald, too. When he’s not working on games like Duelyst and Lynch, he’s animating neat gifs like this Bloodborne demake mockup.

I may have stopped playing the game, but I sure as heck can’t stop thinking and writing about it any chance I get. Next up, I’d like to see Bloodborne done in the style of Castlevania IV. And, so long as we’re throwing out wishes, let’s go real big: give From Software access to that property.