If there's a dub, I hope Willem Dafoe voices Ryuk in Jump Force


In other news, the duo of Light and Ryuk are not playable

Look, I don’t think we have to talk about the live action 2017Death Notemovie at length. But some people probably want to at least have a chat about Willem Dafoe, who did an excellent job with the menacing meddler Ryuk.

Dafoe, as you know, is pretty much up for anything, so I can totally see him doing a video game if there ended up being a dub for Jump Force— the newest anime crossover fighter that was revealed at E3. They could get pretty much anyone to do Light, or have him be silent for all I care, just give me the Dafoe. Get a good look at them by way of a new teaser below that singles them out.

Don’t get too excitedthough, as Bandai Namco has since confirmed that the duo will not be playable. Instead they’ll follow the story as a sort of narrative device. Welp!