If this teaser is anything to go on, DrinkBox could announce its next game soon


For reference, Guacamelee 2 originally released in August 2018

DrinkBox Studios hasn’t made a bad game yet. I’m starting to think it never will.

The makers of Guacamelee, Severed, and Mutant Blobs Attack have begun teasing their next project, and given that history, it could be a sequel, a new property, or anything, really, and I’d be stoked.

👀 pic.twitter.com/eIplmADArI

— DrinkBox Studios (@DrinkBoxStudios) July 28, 2020

The zoomed-in gif appears to show blinking eyes – or maybe that’s just what they want us to think.

I’m convinced we’ll get another Guacamelee one day – it’s such a distinct world that’s worth exploring even further – but I’m ready to see this team branch out if something else sparked their interest.

@DrinkBoxStudios [Twitter]