If you buy Hitman 3 on PS5, you'll also get a PS4 copy so you can play in VR


IO wants to make sure all PlayStation VR owners ‘can experience the game in VR’

IO Interactive is in a slightly strange place with Hitman 3‘s PlayStation VR support given the way PS5 currently works with the four-year-old headset. If you haven’t dug into the details, here goes: you’ll either play Agent 47’s hilarious-looking VR mode “natively” on a PS4, or you’ll experience it with a PS4 copy of the game running on a PS5 via backward compatibility – those are the only two options.

What gives? Sony didn’t want to drop support for PSVR on PlayStation 5, but it also isn’t ready for the next model. As such, we’re in this weird middle ground that’s better than nothing but far from ideal.

The good news, as confirmed on the PlayStation Blog, is that IO Interactive will include “a free digital copy of the PS4 version of Hitman 3 with all PS5 copies, whether you choose to buy it via disc or digital.”

The studio also reiterated that Hitman and Hitman 2 locations will be playable in first-person VR, and it detailed Hitman 3‘s DualSense usage, which is going to give every weapon “unique haptic feedback.”

My fingers are still crossed that there will be some added benefits to playing Hitman 3 in VR on PS5 hardware (like how Blood and Truth looks and runs better), but we’ll have to wait for more details.

Hitman 3’s DualSense controller features unveiled, plus more gameplay info [PlayStation Blog]