I'm still jazzed the Final Fantasy XII remaster is based off the international version


Gimme a hell yeah

Square Enix showed off more footage of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age at TGS, and I’m even more pumped than I was initially. XII is one of my least favorite entries in the series, but I’m eager to jump back into the world of Ivalice again, which was the setting for the far more compelling Final Fantasy Tactics (and Vagrant Story, for that matter).

As a reminder, Zodiac Age is based off of the international version of the game, which adds a ton of new content including new license boards (read: level up systems), a New Game+ (and minus handicap) mode, bonus missions, and a faster run speed. It was a commonplace strategy during the PS2 era (and was extended to Kingdom Hearts) — now they mostly just roll with DLC and season passes.